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Wind Parks

Assembling the reinforcement for the foundations of wind parks requires special skills and expertise. On the one hand, the specifications of segment archs and unique forms of bending and bending blocks have to be met exactly. On the other hand, rebar steel with a diameter of 32 mm and 40 mm oftentimes has to be available on short notice. Supplying complete wind parks needs a flexible and quick-reacting bending company in order to ensure the delivery of large quantities according to schedule.  

Due to our specialized machine outfit, permanent storage of 32 mm and 40 mm diameter rebar steel and our optimized sequence of operation, we gladly offer our services to our customers.


Roman Gajewski
Marko Gajewski
Michael Krebs
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Rhine Main

Thomas Beeck
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Steffen Lerch
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Rainer Kunicke
Michael Schmidt
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