BAG Mannheim mbH

Foundation Piles

We assemble reinforcing cages for drilled piles on our modern cage making machine.  

Reinforcing cages for cast-in-place concrete are assembled according to ZTV-Ing. and DIN EN 1536. The production observes DIN 488-2009 and EN-ISO-17660 .  

We are able to implement your requests and can also manufacture reinforcing cages for the Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) and Front-Of-Wall methods.  

Trapered reinforcing cages with a vibration anchor, eccentric situation of the cages to the drilling hole and cage in cage solutions are possible.  

Related equipment like cable clamps and inclinometer-pipes are part of our scope of supply and services.  

We deliver the reinforcing cages in the requested length directly to your site. A reliable truck company using adjustable vehicles delivers lengths from 18 m to over 25 m.  

The BAG cost-efficiently assists in realizing your ventures with more than 500 to demand as well as smaller projects with cutting-edge technology.

Please do take a look at our references in this sector.


Mr. S. Lerch
phone: +49 (0)6357 / 36 86 76


Technical details

  • Cage diameter:
    400 mm [300 mm] to 2000 mm
  • Cage length:
    up to 20,00 without overlapping
  • Bar diameter:
    12 mm to 32 [40] mm
  • Assembly of cropped and angled main bars possible
  • any distribution of bars over the cage possible
  • helical reinforcement from 8 mm to 16 mm
  • varying pitches per cage
  • varying bar diameters
  • double helical reinforcement also possible

Technical Drawings