BAG Mannheim mbH


The BAG was founded in 1968 by Karl-Heinz Krebs (†) , Erwin Gajewski, Lothar Mehls (†) and Hans Wolfgang Nerlich (†) . At that time, the main goal was to install rebar steel directly at the sites and manage the supply from one central location. This centralized approach proves to be successful.

Growing fast, the BAG is able to found another branch in Berlin and supplies, within a few years, construction sites of all sizes throughout Germany. With over 200 employed steel fixers, power plants, watergates, tunnels, bridges and other large structures are realized.

Then, subcontracting is implemented more and more in order to ensure the installation. By concentrating on few but reliable subcontractors, the BAG conceptually continues being able to not only supply construction, but also to supervise the laying.

Today, the percentage of delivery vs. installation has risen, but the laying expertise remains an important element in the BAG's portfolio.

Thus, we are able to guarantee to meet even the most complex demands in all areas of laying, pre-fabricated rebar/mesh and welding.